Pretty Lake, a quiet fishing lake with a 10 mph speed limit, is located in the southeast corner of Lagrange County in NE Indiana. Pretty Lake is 184 acres of clean water with a water clarity of 23′ and plant life found to a depth of 27′. There are approximately 230 cottages and lake homes bordering its lakeshore. The Pretty Lake Conservation Club (PLCC), established in 1940 with a mission of being a unified voice for the Pretty Lake community, is an affiliate member of Lagrange County Lakes Council.

The PLCC, a non-profit organization, is governed by a board of directors. The PLCC sponsors a variety of club events at its clubhouse during the lake season. Residents are notified about these events through newsletters and fliers. Highlights of the year are the goose roundup in June, the boat flotilla in July, and the family picnic and rummage sale in August. PLCC merchandise is available for purchase. A Pretty Lake directory, by local businesses, is published every three years. Clubhouse rental is available to members and non-members.

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  1. Does anyone know the distance around Pretty Lake following the walking path? I browsed the website, but couldn’t find it.
    NICE job on the Pretty Lake website …. very well done.

  2. I’m sure you’ve all heard that bands of thieves are targeting lake cottages heavily at the moment. Let’s all keep an eye out for one another’s property…..we’re kind of on our own out here and we must rely on each other’s diligence.

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