2012 Pretty Lake Conservation Education Fair

The very first Pretty Lake Conservation Education Fair was presented July 7, 2012 at our Conservation Club.  Invited were all LaGrange County lake residents. The goal of the event was to give residents an opportunity to discuss & learn about various aspects that affect their lives. The various organizations present at the fair were the American Red Cross, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), LaGrange County Lake Council (LCLC), Northeastern Center, Stroh Fire & EMS Departments, LaGrange Water Operation Team (LWOT), dive team, Parkview LaGrange Hospital, LaGrange Utility District (sewer), Pretty Lake Board of Directors and a kid’s conservation project. 

What a wonderful opportunity for lake residents to learn about what type of service each organization offers. Residents were encouraged to come and learn about water quality, water testing, lake weeds, dive team, fishing, sewer systems, first aid, sunburns, disaster assistance, acceptable lawn fertilizer, hospital services, and so many other interesting things.  At our first event two door prizes were given to 2 lucky attendees. 

The Pretty Lake Board of Directors has decided that it will present the C/E Fair again, July 13, 2013. So if you missed this great educational event, mark your calendars now for July 13th 2013 and plan to bring the whole family!  And be sure to check out the Conservation Education Fair photo gallery.

Written By: Barbara Carcione – Pretty Lake President

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