Weed Treatment Scheduled

Under our LARE grant with the IDNR, Aquatic Weed Control scheduled to treat the Eurasian Millfoil in the lake this Wednesday – weather permitting.

The only water use restriction after treatment will be 7 days on irrigation, meaning do not take water from the lake and use it to water grass, flowers, etc for 7 days.

This is much lower than the old 2, 4-D irrigation restriction of 21 days.

There are no swimming restrictions or fishing restrictions. They do always tell people that they recommend staying out of the water for 1 hour after treatment to let the herbicide dissolve.

They have been watching the weather as well for Wednesday. Rain and wind don’t reduce treatment efficacy since they are putting liquid into liquid and injecting it under water, but they would rather avoid an “electrifying” experience that day.

If the weather is still looking rough they might re-schedule and the PLCC will certainly keep you informed.

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