Proposed Zoning Change Rejected

The LaGrange County Commissioners met this morning and voted on the proposed zoning changes to L-1 regarding auxiliary buildings on back lots. They voted unanimously to reject the proposed changes. Thank you to all the citizens that participated in this government process

Zoning Change Update

As previously mentioned the LaGrange County Planning Commission recently met regarding zoning ordinances they want to change that will greatly restrict what can be built or remodeled on the backlots of the L-1 zones (Lake areas). At that meeting, the Plan Commission approved this against overwhelming opposition of citizens present and letters received. There was no one present in support of the change and still they passed it and sent it to the LaGrange County Commissioners for a vote.  If these changes are approved by the LaGrange County Commissioners and become law, the value of the backlots will be negatively affected.  The County Commissioners are meeting in the Annex Building at 8:30AM on Monday 12/30/2019 to vote on the zoning ordinance changes.  For those opposed, it would be helpful to have a good turnout in attendance at 8:30AM on 12/30/2019



Detective Faust at the LaGrange County Sheriff’s office contacted the PLCC by phone today.

  There have been multiple break ins around Pretty Lake and the surrounding area, including Michigan, Ohio, LaGrange County, Noble County and Allen County.  There are multiple active investigations on going.  There are 13 to 14 agencies involved in the investigation of these crimes.  These thefts are being performed by a large ring of thieves.  As soon as they get caught they bond out and are back stealing again.  They did catch the thieves last night but they will soon bond out and be back on the street.  Last night they stole a trailer and two four wheelers from Bob Burns on the North Shore.

  Detective Faust said the suspects are white, travel in a group of 2 to 4 males.  Their plates and vehicles vary all over the map.  They are basically stealing everything and anything that is not secured.  He recommends forming a community watch.  Lock your cars, garages and homes and leave no keys in vehicles of any kind.  The thefts are taking place under the cover of darkness between the hours of 8PM to 6AM.  He said that he needs community help and that if anyone sees anything suspicious that they should call the sheriff’s office immediately and they will send someone out to investigate. 

  This is much bigger than we first thought and it does not appear to be over yet.

Clearing the discharge

We will be raising the dam at 2PM on Sunday, December 1st.  We will need volunteers in waders with rakes and shovels plus at least two chain saws to clear fallen debris in the discharge channel.
Please come help protect the lake shore from the effects of the winter ice.

Rescheduled Meeting regarding Zoning Change Proposal

The LaGrange County Plan Commission has reset the public hearing on the proposed zoning changes regarding height and plumbing fixtures to December 16, 2019 at 4PM in the County Annex building directly across from the north side of the court house.

     From the negative comments of several Plan Commission members at their regular meeting last night to the objections received  so far, we have an uphill battle and our work cut out, if you are  of the persuasion to oppose these changes.
     It is my view that this is unnecessary and needless government regulation. It amounts to taking away our property rights without  a rational or reasonable basis. I am all in favor of responsible zoning laws. Many lake homes already have these types of back structures, and for those they will be grandfathered in as a legal nonconforming use. Yet if there is a fire or other casualty, they might not be able to rebuild with the same facilities. For those that have these back lot structures, this change if adopted  may make their property more valuable, and for those without them, less valuable.
    So far the rationale we hear is that this is about lake congestion and complaints about the renting and/or occupancy of back lot buildings. Yet I have not heard from any lake property owners on Oliver Lake or Big Long Lake  that can point to  back lot buildings being  rented as a home in a substandard housing condition or that back lot structures contribute to lake congestion attributable. If you know of any of these problems, please let me know.
   From my observations and that of others, our day and overnight  lake guests (whether sleeping  in our homes or in back lot buildings, pop ups, motor homes or tents) never trailer in boats etc, they use our docks and our boats. In my view, if there really even is a problem, it is very minor, and the changes proposed are like using a shotgun to swat a fly. If the county has substandard housing problem, the building and other codes should be enforced. We should not have our property rights take away to attempt to solve a code enforcement problem.
  I would urge the lake associations to get this new hearing date out to their members so they are aware of this, particularly for those association members that may  wish  to attend and speak in opposition to protect their property rights. Also let your friends and neighbors know. For those that cannot attend but want to be heard, they should email
   I would urge as large as turnout as possible. The County Commissioner have to approve this to become law, and since they are elected, they would typically be more sensitive to property tax payers and voters. Hence a large turnout will most likely get noticed by our elected officials.
   If you know any of the elected county commissioners, feel free to make your comments known directly to them also.
   If you are interesting in volunteering to help us work on this project and focus our opposition, reply separately to me.
  I would also like to  hear any of your positive or negative comments on the proposed changes. Thanks Vince Heiny

Important Notice of Upcoming Plan Commission Meeting and L-1 Zoning Changes

The LaGrange County Plan Commission has introduced and scheduled for a public hearing changes to the zoning ordinance that would affect L-1 (Lake residentially zoned) homes and lots.
There are two significant proposed changes. The first change is to prohibit sinks, toilets and other residential plumbing facilities in auxiliary buildings (such as back garages, carriage houses, man-caves and the like). The second change is to restrict auxiliary buildings to one-story.
The public hearing is scheduled for Monday November 25, 2019 at 7PM at the LaGrange County Annex Building.  If you have thoughts or opinions on these changes, please feel free to attend and make comment during the public hearing. Alternatively, you could email the Planning Administrator, Robbie Miller, at , provide your comments, and ask that they be submitted and considered as a part of the public comments.
Some of the reasons offered for these new proposed restrictions are to prevent lake congestion and the off and/or off season rental of back rentals buildings as a home. The association is unaware that this is a problem on Big Long Lake.  Some of our members already have these types of buildings.

Click here to download  the actual wording of the proposed zoning changes.

Vince Heiny from Oliver Lake has volunteered to collect written objection and asked that we share in case any of  you want to get signatures. Feel free to edit/modify that proposed written objection as you deem appropriate.  If anyone gets these signed, you could email them back to Vince and he will see they are presented to the Plan Commission if you do not attend in person.   Vince Heiny 260 348 6721 or email to:

At the present time the lake association has not taken a position on these proposed changes, but since they may affect your rights and restrict your future use of your lots, the association wanted to be sure you are made aware of this and are afforded the opportunity to be heard.


Proposed Zoning Changes


Written Objection to Zoning Ordinance

Break In

There has been a break in and robbery on the lake.  A resident asked the PLCC today to notify the other residents that they were robbed at 5am on Thursday.  They want to remain anonymous but wanted to get the word out so others were aware this is going on.  They did file a police report.

Important Notice regarding Saturday August 3, 2019

Important Notice

This coming Saturday August 3, 2019, at 9:00 A. M. the Pretty Lake Conservation Club is holding an Annual Meeting at the clubhouse as required by the current bylaws.  The purpose of this meeting is to hold an election to determine the Pretty Lake Conservation Club Board of Directors for the coming year.  There are 16 candidates for the 15 Board positions.  Attached is a sample ballot listing of the candidates.   You must be a Pretty Lake Conservation Club member in good standing to attend the meeting and vote.


Also this Saturday, at 5:00 P.M. there is the Pasta dinner.  This dinner is open to all.