2022 Club Events

All events are at the PLCC clubhouse — with the exception of the Kid’s Fish-A-Rama, the Goose Roundup, and the Independence Day events which are on the lake.  The Golf Outing will be at a golf course of course 🙂

April 23 Saturday 9:00am Spring Clean up at the Clubhouse
May 28 Saturday 7:00pm Bingo & Root Beer Floats
May 30 Monday 8am – 11am Memorial Day Breakfast
June 11 Saturday 8:00 am Goose Round-Up
July 2 Saturday 8am – 10am Kid’s Fish-a-Rama (Public Access)
July 2 Saturday 2:00 pm Flotilla
July 2 Saturday 7:00 pm Bingo & Root Beer Floats
July 2 Saturday 10:00 pm Flare Lighting – Ring of Fire
July 16 Saturday 9:00 am General Meeting for ALL lake residents

Click here for the agenda

July 30 Saturday 9:00 am Annual Meeting (if needed)
Aug 6 Saturday 11am – 2pm Cruise-In
Aug 7 Sunday 12 noon Rummage Sale drop-off
Aug 13 Saturday 8am – noon Rummage sale
Sept 3 Saturday 8:30 AM  Pretty Lake Walk for the Water

CLICK HERE for registration form!

Sept 3 Saturday 7:00 pm Bingo & Root Beer Floats
Sept 5 Monday 8am – 11am Labor Day Breakfast
Sept 10 Saturday 9:00 am PLCC Scramble Golf Outing
Oct 22 Saturday Afternoon Civil Ware Re-Enactment
Oct 22 Saturday 7:00 pm Bonfire / Music
Nov 12 Saturday 10:00 am Fall Cleanup
Dec 3 Saturday 10:00 am Outlet Clean-Up

2 thoughts on “2022 Club Events

  1. We are new to the association at 4990 s 900e
    Our grandchildren would like to trick or treat
    What is the preferred date for Halloween celebrations?
    Thanks Jody and George Banter

    • Welcome to the Prety lake! the lake does not really have a set trick or treat night. Most children go on the date set by local communities (such as South Milford). The Conservation club does have fall bonfire on Sat., Oct. 23rd.

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