Leroy & Barbara Carcione

Leroy & Barbara Carcione live full time on Pretty Lake at 4910 S 930 E, the burnt orange brick home, # 138, on the south east side of the lake.  We purchased our year round home from the Hootman’s in 1999 and we moved here permanently from Fort Wayne in 2001.  

Leroy and Barbara have one son, Mike and his family in who live in Fort Wayne and a  daughter and her family who live in Spencerville, IN.  We have a total of 7 grandchildren and they range in ages from 5 to 24.  Two are out of college, two in college, one in high school and 2 in grade school. All of them love to come to Grandma and Grandpa’s for grandma’s cooking, lake fun and a place to bring their friends.  When needed for weekend babysitting for the 2 youngest it is always their desire to come to the lake.  Family gatherings for all the holidays with extended family and friends are a must at our place on Pretty Lake.   

Barbara is from Fort Wayne, spent numerous family summer vacations on Pretty Lake in the 1940’s at cottage #8 and has always had fond memories of the time spent here, especially the rides down that BIG slide.  It was the highlight of our family vacations to spend a day at the beach with a picnic lunch and each of us having numerous turns going down the slide.  Barbara  retired 5 years ago from Lutheran Hospital after 43 years, 19 of those as a surgical nurse and the last 24 years in Education, Information Systems and then as a Divisional Director for many departments.  Retirement has been very busy with more exciting challenges.  Barbara is involved in numerous organizations & activities at St. Mary’s of the Angels Catholic Church, goes to the Cole YMCA for water aerobics 3 times a week and is a part time water aerobics instructor.  She served on the PL board in 2001 then again joined the board in 2010 and is currently the 2013 President of the PLCC.  She is also on the board for the LaGrange County Lake Council.  For over 30 years Barbara organized high school class reunions and now only does the family reunions.  Barbara has played in the same bridge club for 50 years and that group still meets monthly and has now since we have all retired, we added playing Rummikub once a month.   

Leroy is also from Fort Wayne, born, raised and always worked there.  For 50 years Lee’s Barber shop was on N. Clinton Street, but in 2011 his landlord had other plans for that spot so he closed the shop and moved to Baker’s Hideaway on State Street.  He still works full time, barbering but when at home enjoys gardening, fishing, watching IRL auto races, football games and playing cards, particularly Euchre tournaments. In the fall he volunteers to work the chains at the Bishop Dwenger home football games.  Leroy’s brother Jim lived on Pretty Lake for 30 plus years and Leroy always liked this lake, so when we found a home here it was an easy decision.  Leroy also participates in church functions when his wife volunteers his services.  He does help her on a weekly basis with church cleaning and maintenance.  Leroy has a separate garage as his wood workshop and when he retires he has plenty of woodworking projects on his “To Do” list for his family.  When time allows or demand is intense, he has custom made some beautiful pieces of furniture for family.  Retirement will afford more time for this hobby.    

Leroy and Barbara like to travel, entertain family and friends, relax and enjoy living at the “best & prettiest lake” in the world.  Stop in and see us any time, we would love to meet you.

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