2013 Goose Round-Up


The goose population on PRETTY LAKE 2013 consisted of two families, 4 adult geese and a total of 6 baby geese.   On Saturday morning, June 15th, before 8 am the geese were spotted on the east side of the lake.  A call was made to one of the guys who was participating in the round-up to alert him of their location.  Then the process of scooting them out to open water began. They swam a little north, then they went south, then over by Oakwood Terrace.   Eventually the boats & kayak maneuvered in behind the geese and proceeded to move them to the west shore where the fencing and trailer awaited them.  As they were being herded into the fenced in area 2 young ones decided to escape.  One went under the fence and another out a small separation in the fence.  So the chase began for the one going south.  You cannot believe how fast this little guy could run on the water.  Or put his head down in the water and swim like crazy.  (They cannot fly since they are molting)   Numerous attempts were made to surround him and gently guide him into the trailer but he was a “Houdini” and managed to escape and run on top of the water in a southern direction.   Exhausted he finally he ended up in the channel, went into hiding in the grass and one of the guys just walked in the water,  picked him up and they carried him/ her back to the trailer.  Captured at last,  he/she probably had a great story to tell the others in the trailer.  The other one “GOT AWAY” and has not been seen by anyone, especially the team of people who were working this project.

Moral of the story for our geese? If you escape, lay low and you might not ever get caught, but run away and we will catch you eventually.   A special THANK YOU to all who helped in this year’s goose round-up. Enjoy the photos!!!

018 009 010 012 013 014 016 017

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