4th of July at Pretty Lake – 2013

A big shout-out and THANK YOU to all the volunteers and participants in this year’s Pretty Lake 4th of July festivities!!! What a wonderful weekend we all enjoyed… From the Flotilla, flares & fireworks to the kid’s Fish-a-Rama and bingo & root beer floats night, it was all simply a “Blast”!!! And to all who participated in the Nelson’s chicken fundraiser, Thank You!

 *Here are the results of the Kid’s Fish-a-Rama:

(See the slideshow under the Photo Gallery tab for Fish-a-Rama photos) 

Group 6 yrs & Under-  1st Place: Elle Kardatzke, 2nd Place: Drake & Beckham Russell, & 3rd Place: Clayton Goodman.  Congratulations!!! 

7-10 yrs –  1st Place: Lauren Goodman, 2nd Place: Katie Jones, & 3rd Place: Julia Bricker. Congratulations!! 

11-15 yrs –  1st Place: Ethan McBride, 2nd Place: Lilah Bricker, & 3rd Place: Avery Connelley. Congratulations!!

*Here are the results of the Flotilla:

(See all of the 4th of July photos under the Photo Gallery tab) 

1st Place went to Joe and Nancy Wetli:     Life is Better at the Lake

First Place

2nd Place went to Steve & Barb Tadych:   Fun in the Sun

Second Place

3rd Place went to Paul & Rebecca Patan:  Blackhawk 

Third Place

Congratulations!! And thanks to all who participated in the flotilla, providing us all with some exciting summer entertainment. And if you are wondering, like a lot of us are, how the winners of the flotilla are chosen, here’s how it works. The board member in charge of the flotilla selects various people from around the lake to vote. Nobody knows who is chosen (unless they tell) and those chosen are different people each year. After the flotilla, the chairperson contacts the judges, tallies their choices for 1st – 3rd place, and then the awards are presented to the winners at 4:00pm at the public access.  Mystery solved!

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