Fun at the 2013 Conservation Education Fair…

The Pretty Lake Conservation/Education Fair was held Saturday morning, July 13, 2013. This year’s event was an awesome presentation for the lake residents and surrounding community. Two excellent speakers provided insight into the lake environment with illustrations and pictures. One presented “Rare & Endangered Animals in and Around the Lakes” and the second speaker addressed “Glacial History of Natural LaGrange County Lakes.”

Many of the participants shared a wealth of information about the community we live in and the resources available. The fair included Soarin’ Hawk with birds of prey. Seeing the owls and other birds up close was a fascinating experience. Other participants included the Library Bookmobile, Parkview LaGrange Hospital, the LWOT (dive team), Stroh fire department & EMS, Council on Aging, Lake Council, DNR, Northeastern Center, Black Pines, the Red Cross, Board members from our PLCC and several fun projects for the kids.

The morning was filled with interesting, educational and fun activities. Thank you to all who attended and enjoyed the fun. (See the slideshow for photos).

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