4th of July 2014

Wow!!! What a wonderful 4th of July weekend at Pretty Lake!! The weather was perfection, the festivities were fun and exciting, and the fireworks were spectacular. THANK YOU to all the volunteers and to all who participated in this year’s events. We appreciate your support of the annual fund raisers and thank you for buying the Nelson’s Chicken and the flares, and for joining us for bingo & root beer floats. Special thanks to those of you who made donations to support the amazing fireworks display. In addition, this year we had sponsors who donated all the prizes for the Kid’s Fisherama. Everyone came away with something!! The sponsors who deserve recognition are: Meijer, the Kantorak Family, Wal-Mart, Schlemmer Hardware in LaGrange, Ace Hardware in LaGrange, L&K Outdoor Sports in Shipshewana, FLW Outdoors, PLCC, and The Angler.   unnamed



Here are the results of the Flotilla:

(Enjoy all of the 2014  4th of July photos in the slideshow in the Photo Gallery)

1st Place went to Joe Wetli & crew:     Pretty Lake Ark

1st Place!

1st Place!

2nd Place went to Rob Goodman & crew:   Turtle Dynasty


2nd Place

3rd Place went to Katie Todd & crew:  Paparazzi


3rd Place

Congratulations!! And thanks again to those of you who participated in this year’s flotilla. It is always great entertainment!!


There were 42 children who participated in this year’s Kid’s Fisherama!! Here are the results:

Group 6 yrs & under (16 children participated) –  1st Place: Noah Hayes (9.3 oz.), 2nd Place: Griffin Kantorak (8.7 oz.), & 3rd Place: Owen Havens (8.6 oz.).  Congratulations!!!

7-10 yrs (21 children participated) –  1st Place: Katie Jones (8.7 oz. & 8 3/8”), 2nd Place: Drake Russell (8.7 oz. & 8 1/8”), & 3rd Place: Beckham Russell (8.3 oz.). Congratulations!!

11-15 yrs (5 children participated) –  1st Place: Hanley Fowler (9.3 oz.), 2nd Place: Carter Mertz (8.9 oz.). Congratulations!!

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