We realize having a vacation home entails a lot of work.  We created ‘At The Lake Concierge’ to meet the needs of Lake House owners in Northeastern Indiana.  We take the worry and hassle out of owning a Lake House by giving you and your home the best service and care available.  Let us do the work so you can enjoy yourself when you are at the lake, and have peace of mind when you are not.

‘At The Lake Concierge’ focuses on 4 major areas that take away from enjoying your time at the lake:

  • Pre-Arrival: Setting up; doing all those tasks that need to be done when you arrive at the Lake House.  Cleaning and “opening up” should not be the first things you have to do on your vacation. Services included are: interior cleaning, getting the bedrooms ready, turning on the water, setting up patio furniture, etc.
  • Post-Departure: Closing down the house when you leave.  It can take several hours to clean and do the laundry at the end of your stay, time you should be spending with each other.  We take care of everything that goes into closing down your Lake House.  Included: linen services, trash/recycling services, doors and windows checks, final cleaning, etc.
  • Stock the fridge: You have to feed your family and guests while you’re there, but it is a hassle to head to the store right before you travel to the lake; then you have to pack them in the car, worry about perishables, and put them all away once you arrive.  Or you have to head to the store once you get to the lake and waste your time there.  We’ve got you covered.   Your groceries will be purchased and put away by the time you get there.
  • House Checks: All those weeks and months you are away.  Your Lake House requires maintenance and upkeep throughout the year, and other times you just want to check on the house to make sure everything is safe and secure.  There’s no reason to make a long round trip drive to meet these needs; let us do it for you.  Full interior and exterior inspections provided, plus Severe Weather checks.

Have additional Lake House needs: just ask us. We will work to fulfil any request you have to make your vacation home more enjoyable and relaxing!

For an extended list of services, check out our website: www.atthelakeconcierge.com

To schedule services, call us at (260) 553-LAKE Or send us an email: atthelakeconcierge@gmail.com

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