What’s Happening at Pretty Lake…

Weather:  It’s been a mild winter, compared to the last couple of years, and there’s finally some ice on the lake. The ice fishermen are hoping for colder temps and more ice, while the gardeners among us are thinking about spring!!Ice 1 Ice 2

Business: The PLCC Board of Directors has applied for a LARE grant. The funds from this grant will be added to PLCC funds to complete a water quality monitoring study of Pretty Lake.  The study will determine to what degree the lake’s water quality has benefited from the projects that were recommended in the prior diagnostic and feasibility study. The completed projects are as follows: The installation of a two-stage ditch, storm drain improvements, tile drain improvements, exotic vegetation control program, and the sediment removal project, which was completed this past December. The results of the study will allow the members of the PLCC community to reevaluate and focus resources on management efforts that will further improve Pretty Lake.

The water quality monitoring study will include a lake shoreline and streambank erosion survey, nuisance species survey, lake and stream water quality sampling, biological and habitat survey of streams, update of the prioritized management recommendations, and project reporting.

Once it has been determined that the LARE grant is approved, the PLCC Board of Directors will provide additional information on possible fund raisers to help complete the funding for the study. It is important that all residents pay their annual dues on time and attend the fund raisers which help to make all this possible. Your PLCC Board of Directors work very hard on the behalf of all lake residents to make our lake one if the best and cleanest lakes in Northeast Indiana. We have an outstanding community.

Misc: Keep checking the PLCC website for updates and information about your lake community. A list of your new Board of Directors and Zone Directors can be found under the “PLCC Directors and Zones” tab. Also now available is the 2016 summer events schedule, found under the “2016 Club Events” tab.

Thank YOU!!


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