Fishing Practices…

It has been brought to the board’s attention that some people fishing in Pretty Lake are doing so by netting fish off the beds in the shallow waters.  According to the DNR, this practice in unlawful, and those people caught netting fish as a method of catching them can be fined if/when caught.

Landing nets may be used only to assist in the landing of legally caught fish. Nets may not be used as the method of catching fish.

In addition, it is an opinion that fishing off the beds in general is unsportsmanlike and could add to the lack of population of fish in our lake. If you see anyone fishing off the beds, please contact the DNR hotline at: 812-837-9536.   A DNR officer will respond ASAP to assess the situation and issue the appropriate fines.

Be sure you have your fishing license with you at all times while fishing. There is a good chance the DNR will be visiting our lake to monitor this situation.

Please see all fishing regulations posted by the DNR by clicking here:

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