2016 General Meeting Minutes (July 16, 2016)

Annual General Meeting July 16, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Hensch at 9:01 AM. Board members in attendance were Ken Hensch, Diana Hensch, Leesa Kern, Sue Mertz, Bill Morr, Barb Butler, Ken Butler, Donna Lampke, Cathy Kantorak, and Loxie Hite. Our Treasurer, Cynthia Rockwell was absent due to a death in the family. The board introduced themselves and then those residents who were in attendance introduced themselves.

Jim Mertz said a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

Rod Bergstedt, who oversees the weed control project, introduced our guest speaker Justin Blotkamp from Aquatic Weed Control. Justin passed around a lake survey and a map of the areas treated. He presented a review of the Eurasian Watermilfoil treatments and the maintenance strategy. Justin indicated that the Milfoil will never completely go away and without treatment it will continue to take over and shade out all the other native aquatic plants, which could potentially diminish the fish habitat.

The total cost to date of our four-year weed control program is approximately $40,000.00, of which $32,000.00 was paid by LARE (Lakes & River Enhancements) grants from the DNR. We are currently in the maintenance phase of the weed control program, which is funded 50% by PLCC and the other 50% by LARE, if approved after their requirements are met. These requirements include an early spring survey of the lake to identify problem areas. A map is made by a biologist for presentation and approval of the treatment (Herbicide). Once approved, a treatment is applied, and in the fall a Tier II survey is done to document existing types of foliage. The survey is reviewed by specially designed software to determine the results of the treatment. A public meeting is also a requirement by LARE to continue grant monies for the maintenance phase of treatment. This requirement is satisfied by having our guest speaker at the PLCC annual general meeting. Then a plan is developed for the following season and the report will be provided to the association.

After Justin’s presentation he opened the floor for questions. The issue of algae in the lake came up and Justin indicated that the algae has not been tracked as part of any lake project to date. He indicated that algae problems may develop from fertilizer in the watershed, and a non-phosphorous fertilizer should be used.

Excessive weeds in the dredged areas was a topic, and Justin indicated the sediment removal process can increase weed production. He also indicated that anyone can contact LARE for information on private weed control treatments. Go to www.in.gov/lare.

There was a question about the 2, 4-D treatment versus the Diquat, and why they switched. Milfoil emerges early in the season, before the desirable native vegetation. Diquat is a more aggressive herbicide than 2, 4-D and is approved by the DNR for early-season use, while the native species are still dormant. 2, 4-D preferentially attacks Milfoil while doing minimal harm to the native plants and is approved for use in mid-season.

Justin indicated that Curly Leaf Pond Weed, another invasive plant, has also been identified in Pretty Lake, but it is not causing a problem at this point and is not being treated.

Justin indicated that Lily Pads are protected.

Tom Syndram is heading up the water quality study program. In January he applied for a LARE grant that would pay Cardno to proceed with a study showing how previously completed lake projects have benefitted the lake. The results of this study will help to provide a plan for future projects. The DNR will require these types of studies to move forward with enhancement projects. (Post meeting note from Tom Syndram on 7/18/16: Great news!  I just received word that Pretty Lake’s application for the LARE grant has been approved.  I will make contact with Cardo and see what the next course of action is.   Ken, if you wish, I can make a copy of the letter I received and give it to you.  Again, I think this is great news for lake.”)

President Ken Hensch offered a number of announcements:

*A big thank you to all those who have given extra donations for lake projects, clubhouse maintenance and for the new “color” newsletters.

*Be sure to check out the PL website and the NEW Pretty Lake FaceBook page. Like us at Pretty Lake Conservation Club.

*Ken Butler will take over as Treasurer and Cynthia Rockwell will remain on the PLCC Board of Directors heading up the membership position.

*The new Pretty Lake directories have been distributed. Favorable response to color ads.

*The finished dredging project was reviewed, and a recap of the whole process was provided. Ken and others involved gave an explanation of details, issues and resolution.

Ken H. indicated that the PLCC Treasurer was unable to prepare an annual report prior to traveling to California unexpectedly for her brother’s funeral, but he did provide the current balance. He also indicated that a full report would be provided once it became available. One resident stated that it is, or should be, mandatory that a full financial report and statement be provided to all residents every year at the annual meeting. Ken H. reiterated again that Cynthia had a death in the family and, once the report become available it will be provided, either on the website, with or in the next newsletter, or via e-mail. Diana proceeded to read the most recent income and expense report line by line, ending with the current balance, as of July 5th, of $23,590.73.  A motion was made to ALWAYS provide an annual financial report at the annual meeting. It was approved, and in the future this will be a priority. (Post meeting note: Financial reports have been distributed along with the annual picnic invitation/flyer – 8/1/16).

There were complaints from a number of residents in regard to not getting the financial information, and for the lack of information provided about the dredging issues. One resident indicated that he did not make an additional donation this year based on the lack of information provided about how the funds were being used. It was suggested that possibly one meeting a year is not enough, and another resident indicated that it’s up to each individual to seek out the information provided, either by reading their newsletters, making a phone call to a board member to get information, or by looking at the website where most of the information is provided. Another suggestion was to organize meetings for specific agendas where voting on spending may be necessary.

Ken H. asked those in attendance how they liked the new color newsletter format and the response was favorable. Barb B. indicated that Diana’s company was printing the newsletters this year (2016) for free in exchange for an ad in the directory. Gary Metzger made a motion to keep the color format and have the PLCC pay up to $100.00 per issue once the current agreement with Diana’s company has expired. Those in attendance approved the motion.

The issue of voting came up, and Donna Lampke read “Article V – Membership” from the PLCC Constitution to those in attendance. It states that “Membership dues currently paid qualifies one person one vote, for each annual membership”. This means that only one person in a household can vote unless each person in a household have paid dues. In other words, if a husband and wife each want a qualifying vote, they need to pay twice. Most of us are out of compliance.

Ken H. indicated that the PLCC Board of Directors is in need of additional board members. There were some nominations at the meeting and those who accepted are as follows:

Peggy Jones (Accepted)                Ted Kirschner (Accepted)

Brian Rauh (Accepted)                  Pete Lapitsky (Nominated – pending Acceptance)

Cathy Kantorak reported that there are currently six rentals so far for the 2016 summer season.

Ken H. presented a proposal for a project to restore the PLCC clubhouse. He indicated that the clubhouse is in need of many repairs and updates. He explained that these are not just for esthetics, but are necessary due to the mold and ventilation issues, the deteriorating windows, woodpecker damage, and slippery floors from the humidity issues. The proposed projects include new windows, siding, insulation, and possibly heating and air-conditioning. Another resident recommended adding kitchen updates to the list.

Amy Krizek made a motion to create a committee to head up the restoration project. This committee will get quotes, report to the PLCC Board of Directors, and then a special meeting can be called for all residents to vote on spending for the project. Beth Gross seconded the motion and those in attendance gave approval to move forward with the project. Ken H. will give the quotes already collected to the new committee. Volunteers for the new PLCC Clubhouse Restoration project are: Gary Metzger, Barbara Carcione, Carrie Custer, Jim Hensel, and Cathy Kantorak.

The Clubhouse will remain seasonal.

Additional Announcements & Misc:

Ken H. reminded those in attendance that there is a social event at the clubhouse on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month. In the past it’s been called “Card Club”, but it’s more of a social event. Someone else suggested a “Game Night”. Either way, Ken H. indicated they need more people to attend.

There was a reminder about the Five Card fundraiser, with a description of how it works and to purchase a hand from your zone director.

There was a reminder to those in attendance about the new Spaghetti Dinner being held that same night at the clubhouse, along with recognition to Donna for heading up the event.

The money collected at Bingo night was discussed. Currently 100% of the money collected on the sale of the bingo cards goes back to the players. There was a motion made to change it so that 10% of the money collected on bingo cards goes to the clubhouse and 90% goes back to the players. Approved! Separately, the money collected for the root beer floats goes to the clubhouse. This pays for the ice cream and root beer…and cups, straws, and plastic spoons.

A big thank you was offered to Doug Crawford for volunteering to be a part of the Goose Round-up.


Meet Adjourned at 10:45am


Respectfully submitted

Leesa Kern, Secretary

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