Notice of upcoming weed control application

Dear fellow Pretty Lake Residents,

We will be treating certain areas of the lake with 2,4-D during the week of June 14 to contain the spread of Eurasian Water Milfoil.  The areas to be treated, shown in the attachment, total about three to four acres (about the same as we treated in each of the past two years).  The following restrictions will apply:

Restrictions for use of 2,4-D in aquatic sites with submerged weeds include:

  • A waiting period of 21 days for water used for drinking, lawn watering, irrigation, sprays
  • Posting notifications will be located every 250 feet along shoreline of treated area and 250 feet past the application site
  • Postings will include day and time of application
  • Postings may be removed 21 days following application
  • No requirement to place buoys or postings in water away from shoreline
  • No restrictions on swimming or fishing


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