Information about LARE grants for Pretty and other lakes in Indiana

June 7, 2019

Lake and River Enhancement Grants Awarded

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources recently announced the recipients of the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program grants that aim to improve Indiana waterways.

Six projects in Noble, LaGrange, Steuben and DeKalb counties were selected for this grant to aid sediment and logjam removal as well as vegetation management.

The grants are funded through registration fees of Indiana boat owners instead of being generated from tax dollars collected from general revenue.

Lakes that received funding for vegetation management or sediment and logjam removal include:
• Adams Lake, $21,600;
• Atwood Lake, $7,920;
• Big Long Lake, $16,000;
• Big Turkey and Henry lakes, $36,000;
• Crooked Lake, $6,500;
• Hamilton Lake, $39,000;
• Jimmerson Lake, $14,500;
• Jones and Tamarack Lakes, $74,000;
• Lake George, $6,500;
• Lake Pleasant, $22,900;
• Lime Lake, $7,500;
• Pretty Lake, $6,100;
• Snow Lake, $6,320;
• Stone and Brokesha lakes, $13,460;
• Sylvan Lake, $5,000;
• Wall Lake, $12,000;
• West Lakes Chain, $13,000; and
• West Otter Lake, $22,200.

Our community is grateful for these grants, and we believe they will help address severe flooding issues in our area.

For more information on LARE grants, Click this URL

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