2019 PLCC Flotilla

The 2019 Pretty Lake Flotilla was an enthusiastic and fun event for this year’s Fourth of July activity. Well done participants.

We enjoyed watching the Grand Marshall Susan and Terry Martin from cottage #83. It was inspiring to have “Abraham Lincoln” stand up for Freedom and take 1st prize by the Welti family of Cottage #85. The “Pretty Lake Pizza” float was yummy baked by Julie Jones and Family from Cottage #72 and won 2nd prize.  All were glad the “Shark Attack” entry (3rd place) from the Butler Family of Cottage #35 did not eat it.  Our 50th State was well represented by the “Hawaiian Theme” from the Martin Family of Cottage #141 – here’s hoping the Pacific sail was not too rough. A big thank you to the “Don’t rain of my Parade” by the Clelland Family of Cottage #121 for giving us a beautiful weather day for the flotilla.  Of course we cannot thank “Splish-Splash” from The Pusti Family and Friends of Cottage #118A enough for the excellent CLEAN UP.

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