Annual Rummage Sale

We just completed our 2019 PLCC Rummage Sale. This annual event was started many years ago when a group of teenagers wanted to fund the construction of our current tennis court and they were given the daunting task of paying for it. Involvement in the PLCC events is important for the funding of the many projects that preserve the natural resources from loss, waste or harm in and around the lake.

We are pleased to announce that we increased our sales by 30% over previous years. We would not be successful without all of you who donated your “treasures”.

Thank you to the following individuals and neighbors that donated their time and hard work to make this event a success.
Betsey Batesole                                                             Jo Bergstedt

Craig Bobay                                                                    Jerry & Barbara Bontrager

Bruce & Katie Bowman                                            Ken Butler

Steve Johnson                                                                Julie Jones

Ron & Cathy Kantorak                                              Jon & Susan Keck

Sue Mertz                                                                        Richard & Connie Miller

Pat & Becky Mitchell                                                 Heather Papai

Michael Perry                                                               Joyce Plummer

Bob Pruitt                                                                        Les & Cynthia Rockwell

Stan & Ada Shopa                                                        John & Annette Stemmler

Bob Stemmler                                                               Sandra Street

Peggy Tassler                                                                Linda Wallace

Jen Wade                                                                         Joe Wetli

We would also like to thank Marvin and his crew for finding a useful home for all the remaining items after the sale.

Thank you all,

Butch Vaughn and Barb Butler – 2019 Rummage Sale Event Co-Chairman

We welcome volunteers for any and all events and if you would like to get more involved just contact a Board member or Zone Director.  Their information is on the website page PLCC DIRECTORS and ZONES— Your PLCC BOD

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