Important Notice of Upcoming Plan Commission Meeting and L-1 Zoning Changes

The LaGrange County Plan Commission has introduced and scheduled for a public hearing changes to the zoning ordinance that would affect L-1 (Lake residentially zoned) homes and lots.
There are two significant proposed changes. The first change is to prohibit sinks, toilets and other residential plumbing facilities in auxiliary buildings (such as back garages, carriage houses, man-caves and the like). The second change is to restrict auxiliary buildings to one-story.
The public hearing is scheduled for Monday November 25, 2019 at 7PM at the LaGrange County Annex Building.  If you have thoughts or opinions on these changes, please feel free to attend and make comment during the public hearing. Alternatively, you could email the Planning Administrator, Robbie Miller, at , provide your comments, and ask that they be submitted and considered as a part of the public comments.
Some of the reasons offered for these new proposed restrictions are to prevent lake congestion and the off and/or off season rental of back rentals buildings as a home. The association is unaware that this is a problem on Big Long Lake.  Some of our members already have these types of buildings.

Click here to download  the actual wording of the proposed zoning changes.

Vince Heiny from Oliver Lake has volunteered to collect written objection and asked that we share in case any of  you want to get signatures. Feel free to edit/modify that proposed written objection as you deem appropriate.  If anyone gets these signed, you could email them back to Vince and he will see they are presented to the Plan Commission if you do not attend in person.   Vince Heiny 260 348 6721 or email to:

At the present time the lake association has not taken a position on these proposed changes, but since they may affect your rights and restrict your future use of your lots, the association wanted to be sure you are made aware of this and are afforded the opportunity to be heard.


Proposed Zoning Changes


Written Objection to Zoning Ordinance

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