Random Thoughts…

So I was going through some photos the other day and I came across a couple shots of  the most beautiful sunset from our perch on the hill at Pretty Lake. Still, to this day, both Dave & I agree that it’s one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. These photos were taken on Friday September 13th 2002, the evening we closed on the purchase of our cottage. We left the mortgage company, drove straight to Pretty Lake, and we were greeting by this spectacular welcome!  We knew it was a good sign that we had made the right decision to purchase the property, and we were right!!!  

As a result of finding these photos, I was inspired to post a series of sunsets we’ve captured and enjoyed over the ten years we’ve been on Pretty Lake. I know you all have photos like this, and you should dig them out and look at them sometime, but in the mean time go to the photo gallery and enjoy my “Beautiful Pretty Lake Sunsets” post. They don’t call it Pretty Lake for nothing!   Leesa Kern

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