Ron and Cathy Kantorak

Ron and Cathy Kantorak have been full time residents at Pretty Lake in cottage 227 since 2009.  Their first visit to Pretty Lake was in 1986 when they rented a cottage at the Redwood Resort (with Cathy’s brother and family) from Anita and Harold Cooper.  After 13 years of renting, they purchased half of the Redwood Resort in 1998.  After years of renovating and redecorating they decided to tear down the resort when Cathy’s brother (Tom Syndram) purchased the other half. 

Cathy is from Fort Wayne.  Ron is from Cleveland, OH but went to college at Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne where they met in 1968 and were married in 1970.  After moving to Connecticut and Alabama, they settled in Ohio in 1974 and lived there until 2009.  Ron worked for First Energy and Cathy worked for Westway Management while living in Westlake, OH.  They are both retired.  They have two sons.  Christopher and his wife Sandy live in New Braunfels, Texas and they have three sons:  Gabriel, Gavin and Griffin.  Timothy lives in North Olmsted, Ohio and has two sons:  Larry and James.  Tim is currently in the Air Force Reserves out of Youngstown, Ohio. 

Cathy has been on the Pretty Lake board for three years.  She is the current PLCC property manager so if you want to rent out the clubhouse she is the one to call.   Ron serves on the Board of Trustees of the LaGrange County Regional Utility District, is a Science Central member of the Exhibits and Facilities Committee and is a volunteer lecturer to Indiana Tech engineering students on “The Engineering Design Process”.

Ron loves to play golf and fish.  Ron will also from time to time, weather permitting, drag out his telescope and view the night sky.  Cathy has been recording her family history for over 30 years and is an avid reader.  They both enjoy boating and spending time with their five grandsons.

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