Fall’s little annoyances…

Happy fall to you all!!! Yes, fall is beautiful and fall is full of harvest festivals and great comfort food and nice warm evening fires. Yes, fall can be a wonderful time of the year. However…this past weekend was the dreaded “take the pontoon out of the lake” weekend for us. Of course this makes us all sad, since it’s one of the first signs that the summer lake season is coming to an end.  And now we’re land-locked, and we’ll be envious as we watch those of you who can still enjoy a sunset boat ride drift past us… Wave to us as you go by will ya? 

Anyhow…I wanted to share a quick story about this past weekend with those of you who still have watercraft in the lake. It’s my effort to help save you the frustration, anger, and cost associated with one of fall’s little annoyances.  And keep in mind that this is the second time this has happened to us…Ugh. 

Last Saturday, at the allotted time of 3:00pm, we were to meet Rick, our friendly boat guy, at the public access to have him pull the pontoon out of the lake for winter storage. On the ride across the lake we noticed the the trim controls to raise and lower the motor were not working properly. Before pulling the boat out we had to manually raise the motor. As Rick slowly pulled the boat from the channel, we heard a loud “splat” on the concrete ramp. A very stunned muskrat fell out the back from under the boat. Once he caught his breath he was able to waddle down the ramp and back into the lake.  Then, it occurred to us that the very large and stinky nest he had made under the pontoon was probably the reason for the trim control malfunction, and as you can see from the attached photos, we were right.  He had chewed right through the main wire harness!! Needless to say, we’ll have to have the pontoon re-wired and repaired before we can enjoy a spring boat ride.  

Moral of this story??  Keep your eyes peeled for nesting muskrats!!   No “muskrat love” here… That’s a dumb song…

 Happy Fall!!

Leesa Kern


Muskrat Damage

Muskrat Damage

Muskrat Damage

Muskrat Damage

One thought on “Fall’s little annoyances…

  1. We have had problems in the past with these critters too! Seemed like for awhile we were having to have something rewired on our boat every year. They are cute but can be a problem.

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