Notice!! National Serv-All/Republic Services of Fort Wayne

There is a negotiated contract rate with National Serv-All/Republic Services of Ft. Wayne, IN for trash collection services available for all PLCC members. 

Our contract number is 7000078 (members must reference this contract number when calling).  If you do not, you will be charged the higher rate for the Wolcottville pricing zone.

National Serv-All’s Customer Service Department is:  800-876-9001.   

Current base rate per quarter is $45.90 (does not include an accounting administrative fee ($3.25) or Fuel Environmental Recovery Fee currently at $14.20 . This charge fluctuates monthly based on the average diesel fuel cost per gallon)

If you are being charged less than this base rate it is likely because National Serv-All has grandfathered your rate.  If you are paying more than this, you could save money by calling their Customer Service department

Standard service includes up to 2 each 96 gallon containers (the largest rolling container they offer).  If you have one container you can request another at no additional fee.

If residents currently have a smaller container it is because they originally requested that particular size according to National Serv-All.

If a larger container (s) are desired contact their Customer Service Department for an exchange.

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