Phosphorous… Control it!

The residents On Pretty Lake are in control of their own destiny in regards to treatment costs of the lake in future years.  The main ingredient that causes algae to grow is phosphorous.  The residents need to stop phosphorous from getting into the lake.  They also need to remember that once phosphorous gets into the lake it does not leave – it just continues to build up.  The higher the rate of phosphorus in the lake the faster (frequency of growth) the algae and submersed weeds will grow in the lake.

Sources of Phosphorous are:

Lawn Fertilizer

Decaying grass clippings and leaves.

Soaps from car wash soaps that drain into the street drains.

How to keep phosphorous out of the water. 

1.    Keep grass clippings off the road so they do not drain into the lake.

2.    When fertilizing the yard have the lawn care companies and homeowners keep the white fertilizer pellets off the road.

3.    When washing cars – keep the soap from draining into the street drain.

4.    Limit fertilization of the yard to 3 times per year versus five.

5.    Use lakeside fertilizer that has no phosphorus in it to fertilize the yard.

The residents are the Caretakers of the lake – the aquatic company  is treating only the symptoms of phosphorus in the water.  PLEASE be aware and help us control the amount of phosphorous that gets into our Pretty Lake.

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