Sediment Removal Update…

Sediment removal project

Today is Thursday December 11th.

I know many of you are wondering or have heard rumors about the sediment removal project. So as of today this is what I know.

I talk to the contractor on the average twice per week. About every other week we meet to review the project. We met this past Tuesday and these are some of my questions and the answers.

1.  Why so long (6) weeks in one spot. Answer – Do to freezing and thawing their dump truck has been stuck many times at the dump site. This requires other equipment to get it out causing lost time. They have also had some employee and equipment problems. Also the channel they have been working at had not more than 4” inches of water on top with the rest all sediment.

2.  What is your current plan? Answer – We will start dumping just off the road at Millers and as needed will push the sediment down into ravine. Two barges are now available from another site. In the next few days they will be trucked from southern Indiana to Pretty Lake. At that time we will start on the north shore. We will at that time have another dump truck working. In regards to the dump truck we are using a smaller one at Pretty Lake so as not to cause problems on the very narrow lake roads.

3.  Are you still planning to complete this year? Answer – Yes that is our plan, but some of that depends on the weather.

From working with this contractor whose name is Heath Davis, I can also tell you he has five or six other lake projects in process. From a business stand point I understand the reasons. Also Heath has chosen to manage and work at the Pretty Lake project. If for some reason we cannot finish before the lake is frozen solid, our grant and lake permits are good for 24 months.

We will try to give you a monthly update on the Pretty Lake web site.

Merry Christmas

James Mertz

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