Detective Faust at the LaGrange County Sheriff’s office contacted the PLCC by phone today.

  There have been multiple break ins around Pretty Lake and the surrounding area, including Michigan, Ohio, LaGrange County, Noble County and Allen County.  There are multiple active investigations on going.  There are 13 to 14 agencies involved in the investigation of these crimes.  These thefts are being performed by a large ring of thieves.  As soon as they get caught they bond out and are back stealing again.  They did catch the thieves last night but they will soon bond out and be back on the street.  Last night they stole a trailer and two four wheelers from Bob Burns on the North Shore.

  Detective Faust said the suspects are white, travel in a group of 2 to 4 males.  Their plates and vehicles vary all over the map.  They are basically stealing everything and anything that is not secured.  He recommends forming a community watch.  Lock your cars, garages and homes and leave no keys in vehicles of any kind.  The thefts are taking place under the cover of darkness between the hours of 8PM to 6AM.  He said that he needs community help and that if anyone sees anything suspicious that they should call the sheriff’s office immediately and they will send someone out to investigate. 

  This is much bigger than we first thought and it does not appear to be over yet.

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