Zoning Change Update

As previously mentioned the LaGrange County Planning Commission recently met regarding zoning ordinances they want to change that will greatly restrict what can be built or remodeled on the backlots of the L-1 zones (Lake areas). At that meeting, the Plan Commission approved this against overwhelming opposition of citizens present and letters received. There was no one present in support of the change and still they passed it and sent it to the LaGrange County Commissioners for a vote.  If these changes are approved by the LaGrange County Commissioners and become law, the value of the backlots will be negatively affected.  The County Commissioners are meeting in the Annex Building at 8:30AM on Monday 12/30/2019 to vote on the zoning ordinance changes.  For those opposed, it would be helpful to have a good turnout in attendance at 8:30AM on 12/30/2019

One thought on “Zoning Change Update

  1. It sounds as though Pretty Lake residents are opposed to the zoning changes. Ironically, Pretty Lake residents have the most to lose if the proposal fails. Over a period of time, the added building and expansion will overpopulate the lake and make it a giant mudhole.
    The degradation has already begun with the use of chemical weed control that was resisted for many years. Habitat is threatened with every chemical application as the ecologic balance is disrupted. The damage occurs at a slow rate and so is not recognized until it’s too late.
    As the lake deteriorates, so too does the quality of life for its residents, lowering property values as the neighborhood becomes a “ghetto.” The lake remains “Pretty” only in name and those who made possible the decline are long gone and forgotten. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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