Confined Animal Feeding Operation

Dear Residents of Pretty Lake:

We have heard concerns vocalized by a number of Pretty Lake residents about

Noble County proposed rezoning to allow a confined Hog farm just over the

border from LaGrange County south of Big Long Lake. Our President participated

in a conference call with a number of other Lake representatives concerning

this issue.  Attached for everyone’s information are the results of the call

and information in the attachment that can be used in letters / emails to

public officials, namely the Noble County Planning commission, Noble County

Commissioners, Senator Glick and Congressman Denny Zent.

Ron Kantorak sent an email to each official and stated that he is a concerned

citizen, resident of Pretty Lake and the President of the Pretty Lake

Conservation Club.

We are sending this information to you as members of the Pretty Lake

Conservation Club and or Property owners around Pretty Lake so you can be

informed.  You can take any action you deem appropriate in contacting the

officials making or influencing this decision and share your thoughts with


The PLCC Board is not making any financial contribution nor are we making any

recommendations – we are just providing information regarding this proposed

hog farm operation and potential zoning changes.  When the information becomes

available as to where to send individual contributions, if you wish, that

information will be posted on our web site and emailed out.

This is a beautiful recreational area of Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake, Big

Turkey Lake, McClish Lake and Lake of the Woods that we would hate to see it

potentially ruined by a near by Hog Farm.

Please contact the following if you wish to share your thoughts.

1. Email, Noble County Planning Commission, regarding

this CAFO.

2.  A separate bank account will be set up to handle donations for a legal

defense fund,  Information as to how to contribute will follow.

3. The Noble County Commissioners are:
Gary Leatherman  260-636-1290 x 1151
Justin Stump  260-636-1290 x 1152
Anita Hess  260-636-1290 x 115

4. A petition form has been distributed and is now hanging on the door knob of

the Pretty Lake Clubhouse for any Residents of Pretty Lake to sign.  Each Lake

made their own decision as to how they would safely obtain signatures.

5. You will then be responsible for alerting your neighbors for signatures,

reminder, only those that are property owners for the areas that are affected

can sign.

6. Attached is the letter that was written by Steve that is being sent to

every resident of Lake of the Woods and McClish.  Please feel free to use it

for your residents notification.

7. Meeting next Tuesday, May 5 @ 3:00pm

Additional contact information.
Senator Sue Glick
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 800-382-9467
or 317-232-9400

Congressman Denny Zent
200 W Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 800-382-9841

Thanks for your attention to this important topic,
Ron Kantorak, President
Pretty Lake Conservation Club
And all the PLCC Board Members.

Hog Farm Letter to Residents


Please do not respond to this email as it is unmonitored. You may check the website and contact your zone representative.

Pretty Lake Conservation Club BOD


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